ATC Atmos Package (3xSCM45As,4xSCM25As,4xSCM20As,SCM0.1/15SL

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includes 3x ATC SCM45, 4x SCM25, 4x SCM20 and one SCM0.1/15SL subwoofer to setup an atmos system

The ATC Atmos Bundle includes all the speakers necessary to set up an Atmos system.

The bundle includes:

  • 3x ATC SCM45
  • 4x ATC SCM25
  • 4x ATC SCM20
  • 1x ATC SCM0.1/15SL


The ATC SCM45A Pro is a high-performance three-way active studio monitor designed for near or mid-field applications.

The ATC SCM45A Pro is a completely new design but shares some features of the highly successful SCM25A compact three-way monitor. With high output and extended frequency response that belies its size, the SCM45A Pro delivers the same tonal balance and superior detail that is associated with ATC.

Designed with an unprecedented linear response across the whole audible spectrum with an emphasis on the critical midrange, the SCM45A Pro has a second woofer to significantly extend the bass response and increase its SPL capability. ATC's latest loudspeaker is the first to feature the company's latest SH25-76S dual-suspension tweeter which delivers an increased resolution in the high frequencies. In addition, the bass driver is a brand new SB50-14 short coil design designed to work in a parallel wired pair which offers increased efficiency and reduced drive unit excursion for a much tighter sound with reduced non-linear distortion between 20Hz and 380Hz. The combination of these new technologies with the formidable soft dome midrange delivers the most detailed speaker yet.

Amplification is achieved via ATC's own active Tri – AmpPack, which uses a discrete MOSFET Class A/B design with 150W for the bass driver, 60W for the midrange driver and 25W for the tweeter. Its symmetrical design means that it can be easily used as a centre monitor if required while its size makes the placement of the loudspeaker behind a console possible.



The ATC SCM25A Pro is a compact 3-way active ported studio reference monitor, with an integrated 235W amplifier, well suited for smaller to medium studios

The first compact 3-way in the range, the ATC SCM25A Pro had a tough brief to live up to - big enough to sound like its larger ATC brothers, but small enough for nearfield and outdoor broadcast work. Hence the compact 3-way design.

Using the renowned ATC 75mm soft-dome driver for the mids, a hand-built 7" paper-cone driver for the bass end and a 25mm soft-dome tweeter were obviously steps in the right direction. To make the ATC SCM25A Pro active meant installing a 235W Class A/B to power it all along effortlessly and give you the exemplary performance that you expect from ATC. Having been making speakers for several decades ATC have always moved with the times, delivering quality audio wherever it is required.


The ATC SCM20ASL Pro is an active freestanding professional 2-way studio reference monitor, well suited for smaller studios or nearfield use.

Housed in a solid, aluminium case, the ATC SCM20ASL Pro is rugged and well-damped, able to stand up to all that you can put through it. The bass driver is the acclaimed 75mm ATC SL soft-dome, coupled with a soft-dome HF driver to give you precise, accurate stereo imaging with good dispersion.

Driving the speakers on the SCM20ASL Pro is a bi-amp pack, comprising a 250W amp for the bass and mids and a 50W amp to power the top end - plenty of full-range power to mix your hits on. Having built the drivers and the amp together the ATC SCM20ASL Pro has excellent low distortion levels and high linear response. The LF settings can be adjusted through five steps on the back of the monitor.

ATC is renowned for the surgical precision that their monitors impart to your sound - the SCM20ASL Pro is no exception. If something doesn't sound correct or stands out in the mix, then it will show up on the SCM20ASL Pro.

From their inception as the Acoustic Transducer Company, ATC has made a commitment to developing the best speakers you can buy - first, they started with PA speakers in the early days of stadium tours, but then branched out developing amps and reference monitors, such as the CM20ASL Pro.

By sticking to what they do best, ATC can deliver it to you - and the ATC SCM20ASL Pro is there to bring out the best that you can do.


The ATC SCM0.1/15SL is a floor loaded active subwoofer based ATC's Flagship 15-inch SL driver powered a massive 650W Class A amplifier. It is designed to work best with the SCM50A Pro and SCM100A Pro.

The ATC SCM0.1/15 provides unrivalled performance with extremely low 3rd harmonic distortion and 118dB spl at 28Hz. Its floor-loaded design provides a better room adaptation than front-loaded designs.

It is designed to be used as the ELF in a multi-channel setup or as bass extender in a two-channel setup. While one sub will be enough for most applications it is possible to pair additional subs for more SPL.

Please note, we are not able to ship ATC speakers outside of the UK

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