Audeze LCD-2 with wooden cups

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The Audeze LCD-2 high-performance studio headphones are the first pair of headphones to feature Audeze’s game-changing planar magnetic technology and the most affordable in the LCD collection.

The Audeze LCD-2 open-back headphones offer unparallel sound quality with extremely low distortion, fast and dynamic response with superb bass and pristine high end and midrange with superior clarity and are ideal for mixing and mastering applications.

The ear cups on the LCD-2 are made of Shedua wood and come with either soft lambskin ear pads or leather-free option which not only offer a comfortable experience for long mixing sessions but also provide the right amount of external noise rejection. Furthermore, the sloped ear pads ensure a stable fit while directing the drivers directly towards your ears.

Their open-back design also provides a natural response and clearer sound than closed-back headphones making them ideal as mastering headphones.

Planar Magnetic Headphones

The LCD-2 use Planar Magnetic technology which uses two sets of magnets working in opposite directions to move the diaphragm much faster than traditional single-coil dynamic driver designs. This results in much lower distortion and faster transient response.

Furthermore, Planar Magnetic designs are much more durable making them ideal for professional headphones.

Audeze have taken the original planar magnetic design and made some significant changes to provide an extended low-frequency response with razor-sharp transients.

Fazor Waveguides

Using Audeze’s patented Fazor elements guide to manage the flow of sound and minimise internal ringing, the LCD-2 offers a much-improved focus, greater frequency extension and impressive 3D holographic imaging making them ideal headphones for mixing.

The Fazor elements are placed outside the two magnets surrounding the diaphragm and help control the flow of sound around the magnets, avoiding wave interference. The Fazor elements are acoustically transparent and allow the sound waves to pass through with no degradation.

Additionally, they are used to load the diaphragm with symmetrical acoustic load and improve the impedance matching for increased efficiency and superior frequency response. They also significantly improve phase and transient response.

Uncompromising Design

Like all Audeze headphones, the LCD-2 is handbuilt by Audeze in their factory in California, where each planar transducer is meticulously matched. The wood rings are also closely matched by grain and colour to ensure consistency in their appearance.

Like many high-end headphones, the LCD-2 perform best when powered with a dedicated headphone amp.

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