Audeze MM-100 Professional Open-Back Headphones

Open-back Headphones

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Professional headphones with a lightweight premium magnesium and steel chassis, industry-leading planar magnetic drivers for precise audio with minimal distortion, gel-filled earpads for extended comfort, and a durable design hand-assembled in Southern California for professional-grade reliability and performance.

At a glance

  • MM-100 features the same Audeze Planar Magnetic technology behind the MM-500
  • Lighter weight for long mixing session
  • Incredible detail and accuracy make it great for audiophiles
  • Extended comfort with gel-filled earpads and a lightweight suspension strap
  • Robust construction featuring premium materials for longevity
  • Hand-assembled and tested for quality assurance

The Audeze MM-100 is a pair of professional headphones that embodies precision and reliability for music creation and listening in any environment. This latest model offers unparalleled comfort with a full-sized design crafted in the USA using a premium lightweight magnesium and steel chassis. The MM-100 makes world-class, studio-trusted Audeze sound more accessible than ever.

Transform Any Space into a Studio

Audio professionals around the globe have trusted Audeze's products, such as the LCD-X and MM-500, for years. The MM-100 transforms any space into a professional studio environment, mimicking the experience of listening through industry-trusted studio monitors. This headphone ensures the authentic sound and emotions intended by the artist are delivered consistently, eliminating the impact of your surroundings on the audio quality.

Advance Your Craft with Cutting-Edge Technology

The Audeze MM-100 lets you perceive every detail in the mix thanks to its industry-leading planar magnetic drivers, known for their pinpoint precision and ultra-low distortion. These headphones incorporate technology from our flagship models, including patented waveguides, magnet arrays, and diaphragms, setting a new standard for sound quality in its class.

Designed for Comfort

Engineered to ensure comfort during extended listening sessions, the MM-100 features gel-filled earpads and an adjustable suspension strap that provides a gentle, feather-light fit.

Durability Built to Last

The MM-100 withstands the demands of a professional lifestyle, whether in the studio, on the road, or during live performances. Each pair is meticulously hand-assembled and tested in our Southern California workshop to guarantee durability and exceptional performance. The design includes robust magnesium yokes and grilles paired with a spring-steel headband to withstand everyday use.

What's in the box?

  • Audeze MM-100
  • Braided Headphone Cable
  • 6.3mm to 3.5mm Adapter Cable
  • Soft Storage Bag

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