Audeze MM-500

Open-Back Headphones

CAP2: 141583.0
£1,590.00 £1,699.00
£1,325.00 ex VAT
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Professional pair of headphones designed in collaboration with Manny Marroquin with Fluxor planar magnetic Array, Phazor, phase management technology.

At a glance

  • Specifically designed to deliver mixes that consistently translate well
  • Like near-field monitors, they remove your room from the equation and give you studio-quality sound anywhere
  • Durable, lightweight chassis featuring machined aluminium and spring steel
  • Compatible with virtually all audio interfaces or consoles
  • Designed in collaboration with award-winning producer/mixer Manny Marroquin

The Audeze MM-500 is a professional pair of headphones designed in collaboration with Manny Marroquin at Larabee Studio to deliver consistent mixes that translate well on all systems.

The Audeze MM-500 uses the same Fluxor magnet arrays and Fazor phase management system found on the entire LCD range to deliver incredible realism with lightning-fast transients and accurate frequency response. 

Designed for mixing in mind, the MM-500 offer a trustworthy sound that can be relied upon whether in the studio or on the road. Thanks to its low impedance, the MM-500 can be driven by any audio interface or console ensuring pure and natural audio in any situation.

Designed for professionals, the MM-500 is also extremely comfortable allowing for long sessions without incurring listening fatigue. From the premium leather earpads, adjustable spring steel headband and machined aluminium structure, they exude quality throughout. However, despite their substantial aspect, they remain surprisingly lightweight.

The MM-500 are handcrafted in Audeze’s Southern California workshop with all the care and attention of their skilled team, and bring the next level in pro audio performance.

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