Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition 24-Channel

Analogue British Mixing Console with VCA Mixbus Compressor and Retro Mixbus colouration

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David Dearden’s ultimate recording and mixing console with a brand new look and new mix bus section comprising Retro Iron circuitry, updated stereo buss compressor with side chain filter and smother make-up gain.

The Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition is David Dearden’s ultimate recording and mixing console with a brand new look and many powerful enhancements under the hoods.

The Audient ASP8024-HE boasts an all-new variable mix bus technology called Retro Iron which mixes a warm sounding output amplifier and Carnhill output transformers adding punch and vibe to the console’s mix output. The design for tis Retro Iron circuit was based on custom consoles made in the 1970’s by David for Advision Studios.  Designed as homage to the late 60’s American and British, this circuit remains unique and true to the ASP8024-HE.

Characteristics of the Retro Iron include a subtle Low Bump and High Lift mix EQ inspired by vintage mastering equalizers. Both the Retro and Iron can be switched on separately giving a wider, and more spacious tone to your mixbus.

Other improvements to the mixbus section include upgraded discrete amplifiers, now using John Hardy CO.990C, offering quieter performance and muscular sound. The VCA mix bus compressor has also been upgraded with a smoother make-up gain circuitry as well as a high-pass filter in the compressor’s sidechain accessible via the Bass Expand feature.

The ASP8024-HE has also made additional enhancement based on customer feedback such as a new monitoring grade headphone amp, latching footswitch triggers for remote hands’-free talkback, ALPS main monitor pot and an improved FaderLink plug-in for the 8channel VCA channels of the Dual Layer Control module. Even the Power Supply has seen improvements and is now even quieter.

Despite all these enhancements, the ASP8024-HE remains true to its heritage and retains its in-line architecture, its intuitive design, flexible four-band EQ and renowned Class A mic pres as well as its monitoring control environment.

Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition Recording Console:

  • 80+ Inputs (24 to 72 channel versions)
  • Retro Iron Variable Mix Bus
  • Audient Class-A Mic Pres
  •  4-Band Split-able EQ
  • Mix Bus VCA Compressor with Bass Expand
  • John Hardy 990C Discrete Mix Amplifiers
  • In-line Architecture
  • Comprehensive Monitor Control
  • Monitoring Grade Headphone Output
  • 48v Enabled Talkback Mic
  • 24-Track Bus Routing (option for 48ch SPLIT BUS MOD available)
  • 14 Auxiliary Buses
  • Modular Construction
  • Whisper Quiet Linear Power Supply
  • Walnut Armrest & New Midnight Raven Look & Feel
  • Made in UK

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