Audient ASP4816 Heritage Edition

48 Input 16 Bus Analogue Console with VCA Compressor

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Small-format inline analogue recording console with 48 inputs, 16 Audient Mic preamps, 4-band splittable EQ, Mixbuss VCA compressor and vintage mix buss processing.

At a glance

  • 16 x Audient Mic Preamps
  • 40 Faders
  • 48 Inputs at mix
  • 16 x Record Buses
  • 42 x Inputs
  • 8 x Subgroups
  • 6 x Auxes, 2 x Cue Sends
  • In-line Architecture – twin inputs on each channel
  • 4 x Stereo Monitor Outputs
  • Advanced Monitor Control
  • 4 Band Splittable EQ
  • Stereo VCA Mix Bus Compressor
  • Vintage Mix Bus Processing
  • Gain Reduction VU Meter
  • Footswitch for Talkback Control
  • John Hardy 990 Opamps
  • Bus Compression Bass Expand
  • Monitoring Grade Headphone Output

The Audient ASP4816 Heritage Edition is a small-format inline analogue recording console with 48 inputs, 16 Audient Mic preamps, 4-band splittable EQ, Mixbuss VCA compressor and vintage mix buss processing.

The Audio ASP4816 Heritage Edition offers the flexibility of the Standard Edition mixer with additional Vintage Mix Bus processing, John Hardy Op-Amps on the mix bus output and an upgraded mix bus compressor.

Ultra-low noise Mic Preamp

Designed by David Dearden, the 16 hybrid Class-A preamps deliver up to 60dB of clean and transparent gain with vanishingly low noise and low distortion and capture the source with an impressive resolution for any session.

Using a high-grade hybrid discrete and op-amp design, the mic preamps deliver a truly accurate and detailed rendering of the source. 

Upgraded VCA Mixbuss Compressor

The ASP4816 HE’s includes a VCA bus compressor praised for its ability to glue a mix together and add warmth depth and weight to any production.

The Heritage edition features notable upgrades, including a VU gain reduction meter to provide improved visual feedback and a side-chain high-pass filter called Bass Expand to tighten a mix without compromising the low end. 

Vintage Mix Bus Processing

The Heritage edition includes a vintage Mix Buss Processing, taken directly from the flagship ASP8016 Large format console, which consists of a discrete transformer to drive the mixbuss and harmonically enrich the mix. 

The processor includes a Low Bump and High Lift, which shape the response of the transformer distortion to add weight and air to the final mix. 

Furthermore, the ASP4816 HE’s summing includes John Hardy 990 discrete op-amps that provide increased dynamics and punch while also reducing the console's noise, resulting in increased clarity and a hint of sonic character.

4-band splittable EQ

Already featured in the original ASP4816, the included four-band EQ offers powerful and flexible tone-shaping capabilities. It comprises of two fully parametric mid bands with a large overlap between 40Hz and 20kHz and +/-15dB of gain and two shelves (low and high). An Air button also adds that unmistakable sheen that makes a production sound finished.

The EQ can be split over the short and long faders for example, EQ’ing bother the mic/line input, and the DAW return simultaneously.

Comprehensive Monitoring

The Monitor control section offers all the tools necessary, such as full artist communication, solo-in-front, source selection and speaker selection and level controls. 

The ASP4816-HE also includes a monitoring-grade headphone output for the recording/mixing engineer.

Small Format Mixing Console

The ASP4816 packs incredible features in a surprisingly compact format, making it the ideal solution for professional project studios looking for a great-sounding, reliable console without the budget or the space to accommodate large-format consoles.

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