Audient ORIA

Immersive Audio Interface and Controller

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Audio interface and monitor controller seamlessly integrating into professional studios with its dual functionality, providing extensive mixing workflows and robust monitor control. It simplifies complex room calibration processes with Advanced Speaker Processing and innovative Sonarworks integration, ensuring precise and consistent audio translation across formats. ORIA's streamlined workflow, bolstered by its powerful onboard DSP Dual Processor Architecture, offers low latency performance while freeing CPU resources. It's a hub of control and connectivity, with intuitive interfaces, comprehensive control features, and extensive connectivity options, all while delivering exemplary audio performance through high-quality converters and preamps. With its sleek design and robust construction, ORIA is not just a tool for immersive audio production but a statement of quality and reliability in the professional studio environment.

At a glance

  • Dual USB-C and ADAT interface with 16 outputs for 9.1.6 mixes.
  • Streamlines room calibration with custom profile creation.
  • Integrates with Sonarworks for precise, low-latency room calibration.
  • Simplifies workflow with direct export of up to 32 profiles to ORIA.
  • Features onboard DSP for low-latency performance and CPU relief.
  • Offers an intuitive interface, Dolby Renderer integration, and comprehensive control features.
  • Boasts high-quality AD/DA converters and Audient Console Mic Preamps.
  • Sports a sleek design with Ring LED buttons, a backlit LCD screen, and robust construction.

The Audient ORIA is an audio interface and a dynamic tool designed to cater to the rigorous demands of immersive audio production. With its dual functionality, ORIA is a potent USB-C audio interface offering 16 outputs for extensive 9.1.6 mixing workflows and a seamless standalone monitor controller via ADAT Inputs, bringing unparalleled flexibility to your studio setup.

Advanced Speaker Processing: Precision at Your Fingertips
ORIA takes the complexity out of room calibration with its Advanced Speaker Processing. This system enables swift calibration and the creation of custom onboard calibration profiles, ensuring your audio is consistently pristine across various formats. From fine-tuning with an 8-Band EQ to precise synchronization with Speaker Delay, ORIA ensures that every nuance of your audio is captured and conveyed accurately.

Innovative Room Calibration with Sonarworks Integration
Revolutionize your room calibration process with ORIA's integration with Sonarworks. This collaboration brings effortless room measurement and calibration, allowing you to create and load custom Sonarworks Profiles into ORIA. Achieve accurate and low-latency immersive audio with the help of SoundID Reference software, and the included Sonarworks Reference Microphone.

Streamlined Workflow: From Measurement to Mixing
ORIA transforms your audio production workflow into a seamless process. Measure your speakers, choose your Target Mode, export your unique profiles directly to ORIA, and mix with confidence, knowing your audio will translate consistently across all formats. ORIA not only simplifies the process but also elevates the quality of your production.

Powerful Performance: Unleashing CPU Power with Onboard DSP
With ORIA's onboard DSP Dual Processor Architecture, experience low-latency audio while freeing up your computer's CPU for more demanding tasks. This feature enhances your session's performance and productivity, allowing you to focus on creating unparalleled audio experiences.

Control and Connectivity: A Hub of Professional Audio Production
ORIA stands as a command centre for professional audio production. With its intuitive software interface, rapid mix checking with Dolby Renderer integration, and comprehensive control features like Fast Profile Recall and extensive Metering options, ORIA puts you in the driver's seat of your audio production. Its extensive connectivity options ensure that ORIA fits seamlessly into your professional setup.

Exemplary Audio Performance: Hear Every Detail
With ORIA, audio quality is paramount. High-performance AD/DA converters and Audient Console Mic Preamps ensure your audio is captured and reproduced with utmost clarity and detail. The remote-controlled functionality of the preamps offers unprecedented precision, making ORIA an indispensable tool for professional audio production.

Design and Durability: Crafted to Impress and Endure
ORIA is not just about performance; it's also about presence. Its sleek design, highlighted by Ring LED buttons and a backlit LCD screen, ensures it stands out in any studio setting. Built to withstand the rigors of studio use, its robust construction and silent operation make ORIA a reliable and elegant addition to your creative arsenal.

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