Audient Sono

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The Audient Sono is a recording interface designed for guitarist combining a 12AX7-powered preamp, power-amp and cab simulation by Two Notes, 3-band EQ and a USB Audio interface.

The Audient Sono’s preamp section uses a real 12AX7 valve to power the guitar preamp, offering a wide range of tones from warm cleans to high-gain sizzle, helping you shape the sound of your guitar. After the preamp tone, you can use Two Notes power amp and cab modelling software to recreate the sound of a miked cabinet in a world-class studio. Extremely configurable, the Sono gives you a choice between some of the best cabs from Marshall, Fender, Ampeg and many more as well as a choice of microphones, placement and room type.

Sono can also be used as a high quality reamping box thanks to its front reamping output allowing you to change your sound with your favourite amplifider and FX chain.

Furthermore, the Audient Sono works as a high-quality audio interface with stunning Class A mic preamps, similar to those found on Audient large-format consoles. It also includes 8-channel ADAT inputs to use with external mic preamps. A monitor mix allows you to blend between the input signal and your DAW playback to record and monitor with near-zero latency. Finally its AD/DA stage delivers outstanding conversion for an ultra-clean sound with 114dB of dynamic range.

Audient Sono Main Features:

  • 10-in/4-out USB 2 audio interface with high-performance 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converters
  • 2 superb, console-grade Class A mic preamps with clean, punchy character
  • Tube guitar preamp with authentic 12AX7 preamp tube and 3-band EQ
  • Built-in Two Notes DSP provides power amp modelling and cab simulation
  • Store 3 presets onboard — no laptop required
  • Re-amp output allows you to record a clean signal and play it through your favourite amp later
  • Expand to up to 10 total inputs via ADAT to track drums, multi-mic cabinets, and more
  • Low-latency monitoring makes tracking much, much easier
  • Headphone output for quiet monitoring
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