Audified Synergy R1

500 Series Reverb and Distortion

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500 Series Digital Reverb with 7 Algorithmic reverbs, 3 Analogue Saturation circuits, Plug-in Control, 24-bit AD/DA conversion

The Audified Synergy R1  is a stereo 500 Series digital reverb and analogue saturation unit with software control for precise setting and recall directly from your DAW.

The Audified Synergy R1 is Audified’s first foray into the world of hardware and is the result of 20 years of working in the recording industry and plug-in development. At the core of the R1 reverb lies a powerful DSP chip used to provide seven different reverb algorithms ranging from the traditional Hall, Spring, Plate, Rooms, to the more extreme reverbs like Tunnels. With 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion and 32 bit floating point DSP, the R1 delivers pristine audio when you need it most without using up the resources of your computer. All the main controls of the reverb are accessible via the central knob and lets you adjust Decay, Pre-Delay, Colour and Type while the control at the bottom lets you adjust the Dry/Wet levels.

The other component of the Synergy R1 is the analogue Saturator circuit which consists of three different circuits (JFET, Germanium Diodes and Discrete Op-Amps) offering different colouration. Therefore the Synergy can be used as a reverb unit or as 100% analogue distortion unit or both.

Furthermore, all the controls can be easily accessed through the front panel or via a plug-in directly from your DAW ensuring easy recall with all your sessions without having to take notes or pictures of your hardware. All presets can be stored in the unit itself or in the software giving you total control of your reverb and distortion from the sweetspot.

This 500 series unit sounds like nothing else thanks to the incredible quality of its algorithms delivering stunningly lush reverbs augmented by the benefits of high-quality analogue distortion.

Audified Synergy R1 Main Features:

  • Stereo 500 Series Reverb and Saturation unit
  • Powerful DSP delivering 7 algorithmic reverbs
  • Has its own vibe like no other reverb
  • Top quality analogue components and AD/DA converters
  • 3 selectable pure analog saturation circuits
  • Plug-in control and parameter automation
  • Designed, built and produced in the EU

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