Audio Maintenance ez1073-500

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The EZ1073-500 is a Class A, mic pre-amp, line amp and EQ/Filter module which occupies two slots in a 500 series rack.

The Audio Maintenance EZ1073-500 module is a dual-slot mono 500 Series hand-built Class A preamp and EQ module inspired by original 1073 unit.


Hand-made in Britain, the Audio Maintenance EZ1073-500 offers exceptional quality and a great sounding preamp and EQ for your 500 Series rack. Not surprising when you consider that it is derived from the legendary Neve 1073, but surprising when you read the comments by users that rate it alongside the original units.


To do that, Audio Maintenance built the EZ1073-500 with the finest components it could source, including the large output transformer, previously seen as a bar to making a 500 Series version - the microphone and line inputs have their own separate circuits too, including transformers - the Carnhills used throughout the EZ1073-500. The EQ section is comprehensive and it comes with phantom and phase reversal switches.


The quest for sonic nirvana is a restless one and fashions come and go, but the pursuit of classic Neve-type EQs seems never-ending and the Audio Maintenance EZ1073-500 is destined to soon become a classic in its own right.


Audio Maintenance EZ1073-500 Overview:


• Classic 3 stage (Class A) amplifier design

• All discrete component (no surface mount devices)

• Entirely hand assembled and tested in the England to exacting quality standards.

• Mic Input: Carnhill transformer balanced (Classic VTB9045) +10dB to +65dB gain, rotary switchable in 5dB steps and switchable 300/1200 Ohm impedance input.

• Line Input: Carnhill transformer balanced (Classic VTB9046) - 20dB to +20dB, rotary switchable in 4dB steps (centre 0dB), 10k Input Impedance

• Line Output: Carnhill transformer balanced (Classic full size output transformer)

• EQ/Filter Stage: 3 inductor (Class A) amplifier design

• HF (12kHz) +/- 16dB gain continuously variable

• MF (switchable; 360Hz, 700Hz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz & 7.2kHz) +/- 16dB gain continuously variable

• LF (switchable; 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz & 220Hz) +/- 16dB gain continuously variable

• Low Pass Filter (switchable; 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz & 300Hz) -18dB per Octave

• Phantom and polarity switches

• The XLR behind the left hand side is the Mic Input

• The XLR behind the right hand side is the Line Input

• The output is duplicated on both of the output XLRs

• Stainless steel chassis

• Total current consumption 110mA (per unit)

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