Audioease Altiverb 8 Regular

Convolution reverb plugin

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Convolution reverb plugin with extensive features including a scalable interface, support for VST3, enhanced loading speeds, backward compatibility with previous versions, and an expansive library of new acoustic environments.

Audioease Altiverb 8 is the benchmark for convolution reverb plugins, offering an unrivalled capability to simulate the acoustics of prestigious spaces globally. Users can enhance their recordings by incorporating the unique acoustics from venues such as the Sydney Opera House to an underground oil tank in Scotland. Audio Ease has meticulously captured these spaces, travelling longer and focusing more on detail than any other company in the industry.

Global Acoustic Collection

The comprehensive library in Altiverb 8 encompasses a vast range of venues, from iconic locations like Wembley Stadium in London and the ancient caves of Malta to esteemed concert halls and recording studios across cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and New York. It also includes unique everyday environments like kitchens, bathrooms, transport vehicles, and unconventional spaces like museums and sewer pipes.

Impulse Response Browser

Altiverb 8 introduces an enhanced Impulse Response (IR) browser that allows users to quickly navigate through a gallery of room photographs. This tool supports instant, gapless loading and features such as sorting by reverb duration (RT60), searching for similar-sounding spaces, and marking favourites with a single click. The browser interface is fully resizeable and includes an advanced search function.

Recording Studios and Concert Halls

The plugin features first-class orchestral recording studios from the US East and West coasts, including legendary places like Todd AO and 20th Century Fox. Although some of these stages no longer exist, their acoustic signatures are preserved and available in Altiverb.

New Features in Version 8

Altiverb 8 introduces several new features to enhance user experience and performance:

  • A scalable user interface
  • Full support for native Apple silicon, M1/M2, and Intel Macs
  • Cloud size adjustment that follows the panning of the source automatically
  • Enhanced IR searching capabilities
  • A new IR tool that supports creating custom IRs up to 9.1.6 channels
  • Simplified activation process on computers or via USB iLok key (no longer mandatory)
  • Compatibility with top VST3 host applications like Ableton Live, Cubase, Nuendo, and Digital Performer
  • Enhanced loading speeds for sessions with multiple instances of Altiverb

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