Audix FP5 5-Piece Fusion Drum Microphone Package

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The Audix FP5 Fusion Drum Microphone Package is an affordable drum microphone solution for live and studio,

The Audix FP5 5-piece Fusion drum microphone package is ideally suited for live situation close mic’ing of drums and includes the Audix f6 kick drum microphone, three Audix F2 dynamic microphones and one Audix F5 snare drum dynamic microphone.

Designed, assembled and tested in the United States, the Audix FP5 Fusion is made to withstand all the turmoils and harsh touring condition while delivering an equally great sound live or in the studio. These hard wearing microphones are also very small and can be conveniently positioned to deliver the best possible sound thanks to high impact mic stand adapters.

The Audix F6 kick drum microphones features a hyper-cardoid polar pattern and is tuned to capture frequencies as low as 40Hz all the way up to 16 kHz and delivering a deep sound responding well to EQ. What’s more the Audix F6 has been designed to handle SPLs of 140dB.

The Audix f5 Snare Drum microphone bodes a hyper-cardioid polar pattern to offer better off axis rejection for example to minimise hi-hats and cymbals spill. With a frequency response of 55-to 15kHz, the f5 is ideal for close mic’ing snare drums delivering a great sound without EQ.

The Audix f2 tom microphones also feature a hyper-cardioid polar pattern to offer superior sound spill rejection from cymbals and a a unique low-mass diaphragm designed to reproduce a natural and accurate sound.

The Audix FP5 Fusion Drum Microphone Package is the perfect affordable drum mic system offering reliability, convenience, ease of use and more importantly stunning results.

Audix FP5 Fusion Drum Microphone Package Overview:

  • All-in-one Solution for Drum Miking including 1x f5 Dynamic Microphone, 3x f2 Dynamic Microphones, 1x f6 Dynamic Microphone
  • Instrument-specific Mics for Optimal Results
  • Cost-effective
  • Rugged Audix Quality made in the U.S.
  • Aluminium Carrying Case

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