Augspurger MX-65 2.1 with Sub12

Nearfield Studio Monitor With Subwoofer

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Cutting-edge audio setup that includes two MX-65 active studio monitors, one Sub12 subwoofer, and SXE-3D amplifiers. It boasts an innovative design featuring a state-of-the-art MiniMax horn with a beryllium diaphragm, offering exceptional flexibility for various monitoring setups. Complemented by a specialized 6.5” high-power woofer, this system delivers an authentic Augspurger monitoring experience in near-field environments. It is designed to provide remarkable clarity and power for studio monitoring applications, making it an excellent choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts.

At a glance

  • MX-65 2.1 system with one Sub12 subwoofer and two MX-65 active studio monitors.
  • Powered by SXE-3D amplifiers for exceptional sound performance.
  • Innovative solid maple MiniMax horn with a patent-pending design for horn flexibility.
  • High-quality 99.97% pure beryllium diaphragm and 1.4” compression driver for precise sound reproduction.
  • Allows for both vertical and horizontal positioning, making it versatile for different setups.
  • Specialized 6.5” high-power woofer for enhanced bass response.
  • Delivers the renowned Augspurger monitoring experience known for clarity and power.
  • Surprisingly affordable price point, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Features a 70 x 110-degree horn, which is the same dispersion as larger Augspurger horns.
  • Ideal for near-field production and listening environments, suitable for critical listening, music, post-production, theatrical, and immersive applications. Cabinets can be suspended or placed on stands for flexibility in setup. Powered by Augspurger SXE-3D (3-way) or SXE-4D (4-way) amplifiers. Compact speaker dimensions at 9” W x 15.75” H x 9” D, with a weight of 27.8 lbs.

The Augspurger MX-65 2.1 with one Sub12 includes two MX-65 active studio monitors, one Sub12, and SXE-3D amplifiers. This remarkable system features an innovative design with a state-of-the-art, patent-pending solid maple MiniMax horn. This horn offers exceptional flexibility as it can be rotated and is powered by a 99.97% pure beryllium diaphragm housed within a 1.4” compression driver. This cutting-edge design allows vertical and horizontal positioning, accommodating various monitoring setups.

Complementing this unique high-frequency horn is a specialized 6.5” high-power woofer, meticulously engineered to provide an authentic Augspurger monitoring experience in all near-field environments.

The MX Series, including the MX-65 2.1 with a single Sub12, has been meticulously crafted to deliver the renowned Augspurger clarity and power in near-field production and listening environments.

Experience the future of studio monitoring with the Augspurger MX-65 2.1 system, which includes two MX-65 active studio monitors, one Sub12 subwoofer, and SXE-3D amplifiers.

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