Augspurger MX-65 pair with SXE-4D amp

Nearfield Studio Monitor

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Revolutionary audio system designed for near-field enthusiasts, featuring an innovative patent-pending MiniMax horn made from solid maple with a rotatable design and a 99.97% pure beryllium diaphragm within a 1.4" compression driver, allowing for flexible vertical and horizontal positioning. Paired with a specialized 6.5" high-power woofer, this system delivers an exceptional Augspurger monitoring experience in near-field environments. The MX Series embodies Augspurger's commitment to delivering legendary clarity and power to near-field production and listening environments, all while surprising and delighting customers with its accessible price point.

At a glance

  • 70 x 110-degree horn, the same dispersion as our larger Augspurger horns.· Rotatable for vertical or horizontal use.· Choose from multiple amp configurations, including 2-way or 3-way active - with DSP.· Perfect for “on the go” engineers who want Augspurger precision monitoring on every mix.· Add a pair of Augspurger SUB 12 or 15 for full range 3-way performance.· Ideal for Critical Listening, Music, Post-production, Theatrical and fully immersive applications, such as Dolby Atmos.
  • Cabinets may be suspended for immersive applications or positioned on a traditional meter bridge.
  • Customized stands are available for free-standing applications, placing the horn at an ideal listening height.
  • Powered by Augspurger SXE-3D (3-way) or SXE-4D (4-way) amplifiers.
  • Speaker Dims: only 9” W x 15.75” H x 9”D. 
  • Weight: 27.8 lbs.

The Augspurger MX-65 pair with the SXE-4D amp, is a groundbreaking audio masterpiece meticulously crafted for near-field enthusiasts. Its innovative design showcases a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending MiniMax horn constructed from solid maple and ingeniously rotatable. This horn is ingeniously paired with a 99.97% pure beryllium diaphragm, all encased within a 1.4" compression driver, offering vertical and horizontal orientation flexibility.

What sets the MX-65 apart is its unparalleled high-frequency (HF) horn, creating a perfect synergy with a specialized 6.5" high-power woofer. This duo harmoniously merges to bring forth an authentic Augspurger monitoring experience, regardless of the near-field environment.

The MX Series is a testament to Augspurger's commitment to excellence, delivering legendary clarity and power tailored for near-field production and listening settings. It arrives with an entry-level price point bound to astound and captivate audio enthusiasts everywhere.

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