Auratone 5C Black Active (pair)

Active studio monitor

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Active Studio Monitor with a classic design with an integrated custom amplifier for optimal audio fidelity, an external DC power supply for enhanced safety and durability, recognition as an industry-standard in various professional settings, portability, robust construction, flat full-range response for precise audio reproduction, excellent power handling, and custom-built drivers with all assembly meticulously conducted in the USA.

At a glance

  • Timeless design with integrated custom amplifier
  • Perfectly matched amplifier and speaker for optimal sound quality
  • External DC power supply for enhanced safety features
  • Industry-standard recognition in broadcasting, film, and recording studios
  • Portable, durable, with flat full-range response and excellent power handling
  • Custom-built drivers and all assembly conducted in the USA

The Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube, Black is an active studio monitor and heralds the return of the iconic Super Sound Cube speakers. After ceasing production years ago, the relaunch fills a notable gap in the market. The grandson of Jack Wilson, the founder, now leads the company, continuing the family legacy by producing these reference speakers, which are now better than ever.

Enhanced Design and Performance

The new Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube builds on the classic design by integrating a custom amplifier, ensuring perfect synergy between the speaker and its power source. This active model includes a mono amplifier that has won awards for its performance, designed in collaboration with Bettermaker. With its dimensions mirroring the traditional passive 5C, the craftsmanship remains consistent, executed in Auratone's Nashville workshop.

Durability and Professional Use

Professionals in broadcasting, film, and recording studios widely recognize the Super Sound Cube as the industry standard for referencing. The 5C Active Super Sound Cube enhances this reputation by providing robust, portable, consistent performance. Integrating an external DC power supply enhances overcurrent protection and prevents overheating, allowing uninterrupted use during long mixing sessions.

Made in the USA

Every 5C Active Super Sound Cube component, from the custom-built drivers to the final assembly, originates from the United States. The meticulous assembly and testing in Auratone's shop guarantee the highest quality and performance standards.

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