Austrian Audio Hi-X65 Headphones

On Ear Professional Headphones

CAP2: 29083.0
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Professional studio headphones with high-excursion drivers and a ring magnet system designed to provide superior sonic clarity and immersive audio.

At a glance

  • Proprietary High Excursion technology that delivers a linear frequency response and open, precise, high-resolution sound that simplifies error detection and makes mixing/mastering a pleasure
  • Metal hinges and bow for maximum durability and stability
  • Best-in-class comfort with soft memory foam earpads and outstanding ventilation to keep you comfortable even during the longest sessions
  • Detachable cable that can be easily replaced (2 included)
  • Replaceable ear pads and bow pad, for long lifetime and hygienic use
  • Foldable construction for easy storage

The Austrian Audio Hi-X65 is a pair of open-back headphones designed and built to provide critical listening for mixing and mastering applications.

The Austrian Audio Hi-X65 headphones use a driver specifically designed for open-back designs, giving a high resolution precise aural perspective with natural a spacious quality. The result is an improved detail in the stereo field and separation of instruments.

The Hi-X65 uses Austrian Audio’s Hi-Xcursion technology which combines a 44mm driver with a ring magnet system. The High Excursion design offers improved airflow while providing the strongest magnetic field in its class. A Copper-clad aluminium voice coil is employed which, combined with the ring magnet greatly reduces the weight of the membrane and voice coil connected translating in faster movement and improved impulse response. The result is a tighter low-frequency response with low THD, a linear frequency response and overall high-resolution sound that will make mixing and mastering much easier.

The Hi-X65 was engineered, designed and manufactured in Austria by a team of experts with long experience in building microphones and headphones.

These headphones have been designed to provide great sonics as well as comfort and are built to last. From the hinge and bow which are both made of metal to slow-retention memory foam ear pads, the Hi-X65 will provide outstanding performance without any ear fatigue during long mixing and mastering sessions. Furthermore, it comes with two cables which are detachable and the bow and ear pads are easily replaceable. Foldable, they can be stored easily between sessions.

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