Avantone CLA-10 (Pair)

Passive Studio Monitor

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Modern recreation of the legendary NS-10M studio monitors

The Avantone CLA-10 are a modern recreation of the ubiquitous Yamaha NS10M passive studio monitors.

The Avantone CLA-10 uses replacement drivers  that have been carefully reverse-engineered from source components and have been used to replace drivers in original NS10M speakers. To recreate these speakers Avantone have used only top shelf materials, some of them far better than the originals. For example the tweeter uses the same phenolic resin doping as the original and provide the same performance curve. The woofer uses the same cone material but uses a modern pressed design instead of the original curl-and-join construction. Its sonic signature however is indistinguishable from the original.

The crossover network has been carefully recreated using capacitors with the exact same value. Furthermore, the inductors match the original in every aspect including DC resistance,  winding dimensions and value.

To match today's stringent requirements, the CLA-10 uses higher grade components than the original which not only ensures current ROHS and WEEE compliance, but also offer much tighter product tolerances and have gone through extensive testing.

To ensure that real-life applications were the same, Avantone have enlisted none other than legendary mixer and NS-10M user Chris Lord-Alge who helped Avantone achieve an exact replica.  


The Yamaha NS10M is probably the most popular studio monitors ever encountered with every studio in the world owning a pair. Originally a hi-fi speaker, Its popularity started with Bob Clearmountain looking for a portable pair of speakers that could be carried from studio to studio providing a consistent reference and a representation of typical hifi speakers.

Why have then since become so popular? The NS10 were far from being perfect, with limited bass response and prominent and fatiguing midrange. But these issues helped highlight flaws in your mix. In fact if your mix sounded ok on NS-10M you could be assured it would translate on any system.

Avantone CLA-10 Passive Studio Monitors Main Features:

  • Re-creation of the ubiquitous white-coned studio monitor that engineers have sworn by for decades
  • Mid-heavy sound exposes every shortcoming of your mix
  • Physically and sonically identical to the original design
  • Hundreds of hours of testing ensure as close a match as possible
  • All components were reverse-engineered from the original speaker for an exact frequency match
  • Tweeter dome uses the same phenolic resin doping to match the original's performance curve
  • Woofer uses custom-tooled mechanical parts that mirror the original
  • Crossover network uses the same value capacitors
  • Inductors match the original in DC resistance, winding dimensions, and value
  • Uses numerous higher-grade components than the original for tighter production tolerance and ROHS and WEEE compliance
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