Avantone CLA-100 Power Amp

Class A/B Studio Power Amplifier

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Class A/B studio power amplifier designed to power passive studio monitors and deliver studio-grade tonality., Avantone CLA-100 Power Amp

The Avantone CLA100 Power Amp is a remarkable addition to the esteemed CLA product family. Boasting a sturdy 1U rack-mounted design, this amplifier delivers an impressive 100WRMS per channel, making it a powerhouse performer. Its classic sound, reminiscent of high-fidelity and studio Class AB systems, guarantees an unparalleled audio experience.

Crafted with precision and quality in mind, the CLA-100 features an oversized toroidal transformer and premium Japanese filter caps, exemplifying top-notch engineering. Its power MOSFETs, a time-tested choice, ensure a detailed and pristine high-end output.

Notably, the CLA-100 sets itself apart with an innovative thermal design that relies solely on convection cooling. By omitting onboard fans, the amplifier operates silently, making it perfect for recording situations where fan noise could interfere with the audio. Its solid 1U steel chassis enhances durability, making it a reliable choice for same-room studio amplification and light-duty live sound needs.

The amplifier's exceptional performance shines through, delivering an impressive 100WRMS with minimal distortion (less than 1% THD+Noise at 1kHz) into 8 ohms per channel. Its frequency response remains incredibly flat, boasting a razor-flat output of +/-0.25dB from 20Hz to 30kHz at full rated power. This level of precision ensures sonic quality equivalent to amplifiers costing significantly more.

Whether you require a powerful companion for passive studio monitors or a versatile amplifier for various audio applications, the Avantone CLA100 Power Amp is an exceptional choice, promising to elevate your sound to unprecedented heights.

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