Avantone MixCube MonoBlock, Black

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The Avantone MixCube Active Monitors Monoblock is a single shielded full-range active reference monitor for desktop or meterbridge nearfield monitoring.

Reminiscent of the Auratone 5C antecedents, the Avantone MixCube Monoblock takes the same concept of handy secondary reference monitors - and moves it up a gear. Fitting a 60W Class A/B amp greatly improves the high-end definition and introduces a better low-end response, as well.

The tough no-nonsense cabinet and 5.25" driver of the Avantone Active Mixcubes is capable of re-playing your mixes with the punch and power that made the original 5C speaker design so durable in studios everywhere - but updated to offer full-range capabilities... and louder. Another welcome improvement is the shielded design - this useful feature means that you can stand the Avantone Active Mixcube Monoblock next to a video monitor without damaging the screen.

The original idea of secondary nearfield monitors was to allow you to hear your recordings as if on the radio, or the dock of your mp3 player and assess the balance of your mix objectively. With the Avantone MixCube Active Monitor Monoblock, you can still do all that, but you no longer have to make allowances for the frequency response. Now it's all here.

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