Avedis MA5

500 Series Mic Preamp

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500 series mic preamp inspired by 70’s British made Class A consoles.

At a glance

  • Standard 500 series modular size 1.5" x 5.25"
  • Single-ended Class A amplifier
  • UK made input transformer
  • Custom designed Jensen output transformer
  • Stepped gain rotary switch in 5dB steps
  • Output level pot for trim and mute
  • LED lit push-buttons
  • Special 28kHz button
  • Custom made Marconi style knobs
  • High headroom & CMR, Low noise design
  • 140ma current draw total, 70ma per rail

The Avedis Audio Electronics MA5 is a 500 series mic preamp inspired by  70’s British made Class-A consoles.

The Avedis Audio MA5 is the result of one year of designing and extensive listening tests to provide a mic preamp with rich harmonic content in the low frequencies, clear mids and smooth highs. A 28kHz button engages and 6dB shelf EQ bringing high-frequency details without any harshness.

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