Avedis TransDrive

Passive Audio Transformer System

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Two-channel passive audio transformer system designed to enhance, interface and isolate your sound.

The Avedis Audio TransDrive is a dual-channel passive audio transformer interface designed to add specific colouration to your sound.

The Avedis Audio TransDrive lets you combine different types of transformers that you can run in series or in a combination of both series and parallel. Additional controls include a choice of Unterminated or Zobel Network load or a -10dB pad to push the unit even more. A custom mode adds even more transformer saturation.

The TransDrive also includes Avedis Xsolate Ground Lift system to ensure safe isolation from ground.

Avedis Audio TransDrive Main Features:

  • Passive transformer interface with True Bypass
  • CUSTOM setting for more transformer saturation
  • Parallel & Series ratio selection
  • Can mount a variety of transformers
  • XLR input and outputs
  • Steel chassis with durable finish
  • Large rubber feet and solid handle for minimum vibration
  • -10dB output PAD to push input even more (customizable)
  • Unterminated or Zobel Network load switchable
  • Patented Xsolate® Ground Lift System safely isolates ground
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