Avid Carbon Pre

24-channel Pro Tools AVB Expander

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8-channel preamp that shares the Carbon's transparent preamp design and stacked ADCs, preserving every sound nuance with 32-bit conversion and low-latency input processing.

At a glance

  • AVB audio interface with 25x34 simultaneous channels
  • 1529x1529 routing matrix
  • < 1ms Monitorlatenz beim Aufnehmen mit AAX-Plug-ins
  • hybrid architecture allows switching between native and hardware
  • plug-ins are calculated either by computer or DSP
  • analogue Inputs: 8x Mic/Line In XLR/Kline combo jack; 2x DI; 8x Line In D-sub
  • 4 microphone inputs with freely selectable impedance (variable Z) for all signal sources
  • analogue Outputs: Monitor L/R TRS jack; 8x Line Out D-sub; 4x headphone output
  • 2x ADAT In/Out (S/MUX up to 192kHz/24bit)
  • Word Clock In/Out
  • 2x LAN connection
  • 8 DSP cores for AAX DSP plug-ins
  • Clock with twice as high clock rate (100MHz) as usual
  • Clever cooling system with especially low operating noise
  • incl. power cable, LAN cable, desktop feet, rack screws, registration card

The Avid Pro Tools Carbon Pre is an 8-channel preamp that shares the Carbon's transparent preamp design and stacked ADCs, preserving every sound nuance with 32-bit conversion. A Carbon Expanded system can access the Pro Tools Hybrid Engine for low-latency input processing with remote preamp control via Pro Tools.

The Avid Pro Tools Carbon Pre is a high-performance addition to any Carbon-based studio. This top-tier AVB expander provides 24 channels of simultaneous I/O, outstanding 32-bit/192kHz AD/DA conversion and double-precision clocking ‚Äì just what you need for large, multi-mic projects. 

Extensive and Flexible I/O

Carbon Pre contains eight super-transparent mic preamps with phantom power and variable impedance on inputs 5-8, the same as in Pro Tools Carbon. You also receive Hi-Z instrument inputs, line I/O, ADAT I/O, and word clock I/O for maximum connection versatility.

Pro Tools Carbon Pre includes the I/O required to track large, multi-mic sessions. This high-quality AVB expander has eight mic/line preamps and eight line outputs, allowing you to expand your Pro Tools Carbon equipment to 24 inputs and 24 outputs. Furthermore, two high-Z instrument inputs, 8-in/8-out line I/O, ADAT I/O, and word clock I/O give you even more connection options.

Superior AD/DA Conversion

The Carbon Pre's superior 32-bit/192kHz AD/DA conversion and stacked ADCs give maximum dynamic range and jitter-free operation. At the same time, its super-transparent preamps capture every audio element with exceptional depth, dimension, and clarity. Variable-impedance switching is also included for maximum performance with any microphone.

Workflow Benefits

Pro Tools Carbon Pre features various workflow benefits such as remote control, save, and recall of all preamp settings, including phantom power, gain, and impedance switching, directly in Pro Tools across all Carbon-connected interfaces. Furthermore, with the virtual assistant's fast session recall, you may easily switch between sessions without manual setup. It can also be used as a stand-alone preamp over ADAT to expand non-Carbon systems. Carbon Pre also works in tandem with Eucon-compatible control surfaces.

Powerful System Expansion

The Pro Tools Carbon Pre can be used as a standalone unit or as an 8-channel preamp extension equipment to expand your I/O, with the ability to remotely control and recall all preamps directly from Pro Tools. Replace an outdated Pro Tools PRE for improved performance and sound quality. You can integrate up to nine Carbon Pres in an HD system or ADAT-enabled Thunderbolt interfaces through your interface's ADAT inputs.

Powerful Software Package Included

The Avid Pro Tools Carbon includes a one-year Pro Tools licence, 116 AAX plug-ins that simulate hardware from several manufacturers, and a colourful bouquet of permanent licences from Brainworx, Native Instruments, Arturia, and others. So, Avid Carbon is a no-brainer if you're searching for a full solution with exceptional user-friendliness, cutting-edge performance data, and expansion opportunities but otherwise have limited or old equipment.

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