Avid Pro Tools | S3 [9900-65399-14]


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Powerful and Flexible EUCON Control Surface with 4x6 Audio interface and extremely flexible workflow

The Avid Pro Tools S3 Control Surface Studio is a flexible and powerful solution for mixing music and post-production, offering a wealth of functionalities in a sleek and ergonomic controller.

The Avid Pro Tools S3 provides a wide range of controls for any EUCON compatible DAW such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and many more, offering instant access to all the controls for recording tracks, writing automation, load plug-ins, control routing options and much more. Thanks to the EUCON protocol the Avid S3 gives you instant control over every software parameter from volume, pan positions, aux sends to regions edit, apply fades and many other features to ensure an optimised and smooth workflow even when working on multiple DAW simultaneously.

With up to 12 custom mixer layouts, the Avid Pro Tools S3 offers instant recall at any time and adapts perfectly to any situations. Simply create custom layouts for editing, mixing, tracking, and switch between jobs in an instant. Each custom layout can be defined with most used functions assigned exactly where you want them.

In addition to being a truly flexible control surface, the S3 also offers a 4x6 audio interface offering high-quality recording, mixing and monitoring with no additional audio interface. Originally designed as a live mixing desk, the S3 control surface can be used as a mixer with its I/O used for monitoring duties with control over volume, dim, cut, sum to mono.

Avid Pro Tools S3 Control Surface Main Features:
• EUCON-enabled control surface for Pro Tools and other DAWs
• Record and monitor directly via the built-in AVB audio interface
• Compact, ergonomic design fits easily into modern workflows
• Customize up to 12 of your own control layouts for different tasks and recall them instantly
• Simplifies your production workflow, even if you work with multiple DAWs
• Ribbon controller for intuitive transport navigation



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