Avid Sync X

Precision synchronizer for audio post-production

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A powerful syncing device designed to provide reliable low-jitter clocking and near sample-accurate lock with video frame edge alignment.

At a glance

  • Maintain precise sync across your Pro Tools systems, audio interfaces, and video playback devices, with near sample-accurate lock and precision frame edge alignment
  • Connect with a wide range of devices with support for all industry-standard clock sources, pull up/down rates, timecode rates, and HD/SD formats
  • Cut costs and complexity with the onboard video reference generator, eliminating the need for an external device
  •  Lock to external sources faster and more accurately than SYNC HD with exceptionally low-jitter JetPLL clocking
  • Sync multiple Pro Tools systems in tandem to support dual operator workflows
  • Gain flexibility with Word Clock, LTC, 10 MHz, AES3, AES3id, Loop Sync, GPIO, Bi-Phase / Tach, Pilot, 9-pin, and MIDI I/O
  • Get highly reliable and accurate master clocking and sync for mission-critical environments

The Avid Pro Tools Sync X is a powerful syncing device designed to provide reliable low-jitter clocking and near sample-accurate lock with video frame edge alignment.

The Avid Pro Tools Sync X can be employed in multi-operator mixing environments allowing post-production facilities to link their different systems used to mix the music, ADR and sound effects while keeping all audio and video systems in sync. 

One device to sync them all 

The Avid Sync X supports all industry-standard clock sources including Word Clock, Loop Sync and AES3 as well as all positional reference formats such as LTC, Serial Timecode and Bi-Phase/Tatch. It also supports SD and HD reference formats and pull-up/pull-down rates for film and video. Thanks to its six Word Clock outputs it provides easy sync’ing to Pro Tools interfaces and devices.

Built-in Video reference generator

The onboard video reference generator distributes signals to up to four peripherals saving on costs and complexity. Used with an external video reference generator the Sync X can receive a video reference with automatic format detection. 

Dual Operator Workflows

Sync X allows multiple Satellite-linked Pro Tools system to sync to support multi-operator mixing environments, removing any possible drift between music, dialogues and sound FX and keep near-sample-accurate lock to frame edge.

Pro Tools Control

From audio clock, and video reference sources to pull-down or fine-tuning device speeds, all settings are easily accessible directly within Pro Tools Ultimate. External devices with 9-pin connections such as video deck can also be controlled directly from Pro Tools.

Exceptional Clocking Options

The Sync X uses JetPLL clocking technology to lock to external sources faster and more accurately than its predecessor. The master oscillator works at 100 MHz, twice the resolution of typical JEtPLL clocks ensuring much higher accuracy.

Furthermore, a 10MHz clock input allows for the connection to high-end atomic master clocks often used in scoring stages or extensive recording sessions. Large post-facilities will also benefit from the AES3 connection which can send and receive AES3 or AES3id over long cable runs for greater flexibility.

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