Avid S4 4 Foot Base

Control Surface

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EUCON control surface integrating the Pro Tools Control free iPad App. Provides Advanced touchscreen features of the S6

At a glance

  • S4 Frame with 3 buckets
  • 2 Channel Strip Module
  • 1 Master Touch Module
  • 1 Automation Module
  • High-speed EuCon Ethernet protocol
  • Deep hardware/software integration with Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix, Logic Pro, Cubase, and more

The Avid S4 is a customisable semi-modular control surface designed to provide the mixing power of the Avid S6 in a compact package designed for independent mixers and smaller music studios.

The Avid S4 brings an ergonomic design and hands-on controls to fit any workflow and includes two-channel strip modules, one Master touch module and one master automation module, providing all the necessary features to mix faster and more reliably including encoders, faders, full transport, automation control, jog wheel a numerical keypad and more. The Channel strip modules include eight faders and 32 encoders.

Due to its semi-modular architecture, the S4 can be customised to accept up to foud display modules and up to two attention knob modules that can provide up to 128 assignable top-lit knobs.

Thanks to the EUCON protocol the S4 can be employed with any EUCON-ready DAW such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix, Logic, Cubase and more. Furthermore, it is possible to mix tracks from two different DAWs simultaneously.

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