BAE 312B Module

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BAE 312B Module

The BAE 312B is a 500 Series Mic Preamp based on the legendary API 312 mic preamp but with a modified gain structure to accommodate louder sources before the use of the pad.

The BAE 312B possesses the same dynamic range and frequency response as the original BAE 312A thanks to the use of the Avedis 1122 Discrete Op-Amp and Jensen transformers with direct-coupled circuitry and no capacitors. The Jensen input transformer however offers lower gain to make it possible to use with Kick drum microphones without employing the pad.

As a result the B.A.E.  312B provides excellent dynamic range and noise performance and offers consistent performance even with the pad engaged, providing a steady load to the microphone.

Described as punchy and with rich top end, the 312 preamp was favoured for a big upfront rock sound and was particularly liked on drums. The same fast transient detail and incredible punch remains de rigueur with the BAE 312B which is a perfect complement to the 312A offering a choice of high-gain and low-gain preamp options depending on the source.

A single channel 500 series module, the B.A.E. 312B will work with any 500 – series chassis.

BAE 312B 500 Series Mic Preamp Main Features:

  • Made using Avedis® 1122 opamps
  • Supplied with Jensen input and output transformers.
  • Remote power supply with four-foot cable capable of four times the current needed by the preamps for optimum sound quality.
  • Switches have gold contacts for long life.
  • XLR connectors on the back for mic input and output and phone jack in front for direct input.
  • High impedance direct input for guitar and synthesizer.
  • Separate front panel switches for phantom power.

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