BeesNeez Arabella

Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Premium large diaphragm condenser microphone inspired by the legendary Neumann U47, featuring a bespoke BeesNeez BV-08 transformer, the handcrafted BeesNeez K7 Capsule, paper-in-oil capacitors, an Australian-made commitment, a brass tube body with a 380-grade solid brass base, turned pins for superior connection quality and comes with a BeesNeez lead with C1 connector, producer series power supply, shock mount, and a wooden storage box.

At a glance

  • Inspired by the legendary Neumann U47 microphone.
  • Including the BeesNeez BV-08 transformer and the BeesNeez K7 Capsule.
  • Features handcrafted assembly with paper-in-oil capacitors.
  • Robust brass tube body and 380-grade solid brass base, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Includes: BeesNeez lead, producer series power supply, shock mount, and wooden storage box

The Beesneez Arabella is a high-quality large diaphragm condenser microphone that epitomises cutting-edge sound technology. Designed and crafted in Australia, it features a bespoke 6.5:1 ratio toroidal transformer with a meticulously selected N78 permalloy core. Ensconced in a 0.2mm precision toroidal casing, it provides unmatched audio clarity and reduced electromagnetic interference.

Transformer Excellence

Engineers at BeesNeez have pioneered a transformer design that ensures peak performance. The toroidal core, though robust, maintains a compact profile that aligns perfectly with the microphone's sleek design, delivering a pure audio experience without frequency distortion.

Capsule Innovation

The Arabella includes the BeesNeez K7 capsule, echoing the iconic single-backplate structure renowned in industry circles. The capsule's design optimises sound wave capture and control, ensuring an active response to audio stimuli and articulating sound with absolute clarity.

Valve Selection

The Russian 6ZH8 valve, selected for its rich tonal quality and reliability, powers the Arabella's sound. This valve's performance stands shoulder to shoulder with its American and specialised counterparts, guaranteeing a consistent and classic sound output.

Sonic Signature

The Arabella aspires to redefine sonic expectations, taking inspiration from legendary models to deliver an expansive and truthful sound. It is tailored for male and female vocals, offering an expansive, mansion-like sonic space.

Construction Integrity
In its construction, no detail is too small. From the brass tube to the bronze grille, each component is fashioned with precision, ensuring both aesthetic finesse and enduring performance.

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