BeesNeez B67-269

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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State-of-the-art microphone that builds upon the heritage of the iconic U67, introduced in 1960, by featuring a larger body, an innovative "Old and New" voicing switch for enhanced versatility across four unique sound profiles, and incorporates meticulously crafted components including the in-house developed BeesNeez K6 capsule for authentic sound reproduction, a specially selected low-noise EF86 tube for pristine amplification, and a revolutionary transformer design for optimal impedance conversion and signal balancing, making it an indispensable tool for audio professionals seeking the perfect blend of historical sound quality and modern innovation.

At a glance

  • Enhanced Body Size for superior sound capture.
  • Versatile voicing switch between classic and modern tones.
  • K6 Capsule that replicates the iconic U67 sound, significantly influencing overall character.
  • Low-noise, high-quality EF86 Tube ensures pristine amplification.
  • Toroidal Transformer offers optimal impedance conversion and signal balance.
  • Advanced Circuitry with filters, feedback mechanisms, and nine selectable patterns.
  • Faithfully captures the U67's complex sonics.
  • Ideal for diverse recording needs with unmatched quality.

The BeesNeez B67/269 microphone is a large diaphragm condenser microphone and a testament to the legacy of the iconic U67 introduced in 1960. This enhanced version boasts a larger body size than its predecessor and presents an innovative "Old and New" switch, providing unparalleled versatility with four unique voicing options. This feature positions the B67/269 as indispensable to any professional's microphone arsenal.

Core Components of Microphone Character

The BeesNeez B67/269 microphone's character lies in its capsule, circuitry, and impedance conversion synergy. The BeesNeez team expertly manipulates these elements to achieve a microphone capable of various frequency enhancements and reductions. This design philosophy opens up a world of sonic possibilities for audio professionals.

The BeesNeez K6 Capsule

At the heart of the B67/269's sound is the BeesNeez K6 capsule, a meticulous recreation of the Neumann U67's legendary K67 capsule. Developed and manufactured in-house for over 15 years, the K6 capsule is pivotal in replicating the iconic sound profile that has made the U67 a staple in studios worldwide.

The EF86 Tube: A Cornerstone of Audio Excellence

The EF86 tube, renowned for its low noise and exceptional audio frequency amplification, is a key component of the B67/269's superior sound quality. BeesNeez's dedication to tube research has led to the discovery of a unique Brimar/Mullard EF86 variant, offering unmatched quietness and a design that minimizes noise interference, ensuring crystal-clear audio capture.

Revolutionary Transformer Design

Inspired by the success of the B87i C's transformer, the B67/269 incorporates a similar toroidal transformer, enhancing impedance conversion and signal balancing. This design choice, including a tertiary winding similar to the original U67's transformer, underscores BeesNeez's commitment to creating a true-to-original clone with distinct sonic characteristics.

Precision-Engineered Circuitry

The B67/269's circuitry, while minimal in its sonic footprint, is integral to the microphone's functionality. Featuring a range of filters, feedback mechanisms, and selectable patterns, the circuit design ensures the microphone's ability to capture the complex sonics of the U67, distinguishing the B67/269 from other clones in the market.

A New Standard in Professional Audio

The BeesNeez B67/269 microphone represents a blend of historical reverence and cutting-edge innovation. It is poised to become a cornerstone in creating professional-grade recordings, offering audio professionals a tool of unmatched quality and versatility. BeesNeez's dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of the B67/269, promising to elevate the recording standard across genres and applications.

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