BeesNeez B87i

Large-diaphragm condenser microphone

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Multipattern large-diaphragm condenser microphone inspired by the original U87 with internal noise reduction switching, a custom-wound Mu Toroid transformer for superior sound, and includes a professional shock mount and protective case.

At a glance

  • Multipattern large-diaphragm condenser microphone design
  • Engineered to capture the vintage sound of the 1960s U87 microphone
  • Internal switching to minimize self-noise, with a 3dB improvement over the classic model
  • Custom-wound Mu Toroid transformer for low-frequency reach and smooth highs
  • Includes a professional Spider-style shock mount and protective case
  • Utilises original NOS 2N3819 FETs for authentic vintage sound reproduction
  • Manufactured in-house, including the capsule, body, and transformer, for unparalleled quality control

The BeesNeez B87i is a multi-pattern, large-diaphragm condenser microphone engineered to pay tribute to the iconic U87 microphone from the 1960s. This model is designed to capture the cherished vintage sound that has captivated many enthusiasts. Reflecting the essence of the original U87, which was produced from 1967 to 1986, the B87i seeks to embody the renowned characteristics that made the early U87i variant the most coveted and valuable.

To emulate the original, the Beesneez B87i integrates meticulous design to honour its predecessor. Recognising the significance of noise reduction in microphones, this model features internal switching mechanisms to minimise self-noise, achieving a 3dB improvement compared to its historical counterpart. This advancement is particularly relevant in today’s era of digital recording, where the clarity and quietness of audio production are paramount. The B87i facilitates swift pattern selection, padding, and high-pass filtering adjustments through a conveniently located switch bank.

Circuit Design Excellence

BeesNeez is the sole producer capable of manufacturing the capsule, body, and transformer in-house for a U87i-inspired microphone. This autonomy in production ensures unparalleled quality control and customisation, unlike competitors who must source these critical components externally. The B87i’s capsule is precisely tailored to its circuitry and transformer, featuring a custom-wound Mu Toroid transformer. This component is key to achieving the microphone’s exceptional low-frequency response and smooth, detailed highs. It sets it apart from other models that may compromise sonic fidelity with different transformer ratios.

Sonic Signature

The B87i aspires to capture the musical and warm tonal qualities that made the early U87i models highly desirable, moving away from the sterility of some modern reproductions. Through dedicated engineering, the BeesNeez B87i aims to deliver a sound that is authentic and appealing to audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Uncompromised Build Quality

Opting for a cardioid-only version to maintain a concise signal path, BeesNeez has secured a supply of original NOS 2N3819 FETs, enabling the recreation of the specific sound characteristic of the era in which the U87 thrived.

This careful attention to detail in the BeesNeez B87i’s design and manufacturing underscores its commitment to excellence and to providing users with a microphone that pays homage to a legendary predecessor and stands on its own as a modern classic in audio recording technology.

Packaged with a protective case, the B87i also includes a professional Spider-style shock mount to enhance user experience and safeguard the microphone.

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