Bettermaker VSPE Vacum Stereo Passive Equalizer

Advanced Passive Mastering EQ

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State-of-the-art vacuum stereo passive equalizer that combines analogue passive equalization with original vacuum tube and transformer circuitry, features handcrafted audio transformers from Bettermaker, allows easy switching between tube transparency and saturation, integrates seamlessly with DAWs for recall and automation, supports independent frequency auditioning, and offers stereo and dual-mono modes, along with mastering-grade digital high-pass and low-pass filters.

At a glance

  • Fully analogue passive equaliser with original vacuum tube and transformer circuitry
  • Handcrafted audio transformers from Bettermaker
  • Easy switching between vacuum tube transparency and saturation
  • Seamless plugin and DAW integration for recall and automation
  • Independent high and low frequency auditioning
  • Stereo and dual-mono modes
  • Mastering-grade digital high-pass and low-pass filters

The Bettermaker VSPE Vacuum Stereo Passive Equaliser is a Stereo/Dual Mono Passive Equaliser made by Bettermaker. It includes original vacuum tubes and handcrafted transformers, merging the timeless warmth of vacuum tube technology with the precision of digital recall. 

A Fusion of Award-Winning Technology and Superior Design

Leveraging the expertise found in their Grammy-award-winning studio processors, the VSPE features a fully analogue passive equaliser. It incorporates original vacuum tube and transformer circuitry, supplemented by Bettermaker's handcrafted audio transformers, delivering unparalleled quality and performance.

HEAT: The Signature Sound of VSPE

Passive equalisers are celebrated for delivering a round, warm bottom end and an airy high-frequency range. The VSPE enhances this richness with the distinct character of vacuum tubes and transformers, offering our signature sound known as HEAT.

Bettermaker's innovative design enables effortless switching between pristine vacuum tube transparency and lush tube and transformer saturation with a simple button press. 

Seamless Control and Enhanced Versatility with the VSPE Plugin

The seamless integration with our plugin and digital audio workstation (DAW) facilitates the easy recall and automation of settings. The VSPE plugin extends versatility, enabling the independent audition of high and low frequencies. It includes stereo and dual-mono operation modes, broadening the creative possibilities. Additionally, it features mastering-grade digital high-pass and low-pass filters, which are ideal for precise sculpting of the low and high ends.

The Ultimate Tool for Audio Professionals

The VSPE offers unmatched flexibility and sonic character, making it an essential tool for recording, tracking, production, mixing, and mastering. This single, elegant package combines the best vintage warmth and cutting-edge technology, designed to meet the demanding needs of audio professionals.

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