Black Corporation Deckards Dream MK2

Faithful re-creation of the iconic CS-80

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all of the CS-80 goodness you'll ever need.

What could we possibly say about the Black Corporation Deckards Dream MK2? How about, it's a 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer that's a direct replica(nt) of the iconic Yamaha CS-80? Well, that's exactly what it is.

If you're a fan of 70's and 80's sci-fi soundtracks, there's a good chance you would have heard a CS-80 performing a thick, creamy detuned pad or monstrous bass sound, I mean what do you think of when someone says "Blade Runner"? I guarantee you think of the iconic sound track that Vangelis created which made use of the CS80 throughout.

Deckards Dream is a project that has been spawned from years of hard work, dedication and passion to recreate a sound that is out of the reach for most. Deckards Dream provides a superb user interface to navigate it's 8 voices of sonic bliss, which is controlled with sliders and gives full access to the entire synthesizer architecture to provide an uncompromising and inspiring workflow a machine of this calibre deserves.

And since it is 2018, Deckards Dream includes all of mod cons you'd expect from a synthesizer, including USB MIDI, VST / AU Editor, Polyphonic Pitch Bend, MPE compatibility and PRESETS!

The architecture of the Deckards Dream comprises of the following:

  • VCO with sine, square and saw waveforms
  • PWM with sine wave LFO control
  • Dual 12dB high pass and low pass filters (Yeah!)
  • ADSR VCF envelope with initial and attack controls
  • ADSR VCA envelope
  • If you're looking for a vintage polyphonic synthesizer that provides a vast array of tonal options and control, then the Deckards is it. For more information, contact our synthesizer specialist Tom Lewis.

    The main features of the Black Corporation Deckards Dream Include

  • 8-Voice Polyphonic synth inspired by the Yamaha CS-80
  • Dual layers, with cross fading between layers
  • Polyphonic aftertouch with multiple destinations
  • MPE compatibility
  • 128 Presets
  • Not a clone, this is a CS-80
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