Black Corporation Kijimi Mk2

Faithful re-creation of the iconic RSF Polykobol

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a faithful re-creation of a very obscure and sought after synthesizer from France, the RSF Polykobol. The original Poly Kobol was a groundbreaking machine that was introduced in 1982 and only 30 were ever made.

The Black Corporation Kijimi Mk2 is a faithful recreation of the very rare and highly sought-after French wonder synth RSF Polykobol. Originally released in 1979, the PolyKobol MK1 was restricted to only 30 units worldwide and is considered to be one of the most significant synths developed in this era.

Continuous Analogue Timbral Control

Unlike fixed waveforms, KIJIMI's voltage-controlled oscillators morph seamlessly through waveform types—sine, triangle, sawtooth, and variable pulse waves—offering unique, independent timbral control over each of the eight voices.

Deep 8-Voice Architecture

KIJIMI's eight voices include two analogue oscillators and a square sub-bass oscillator, providing rich, versatile timbres. The sub-oscillator tuned an octave lower than the combined VCO1 and VCO2 outputs, allowing dual sub-pitch tuning. Hard sync is available in various configurations, and a noise source adds bite and percussion. A lowpass filter, built around the legendary 2140 chip, offers a full sound range from metallic to subtle, with modulation options for both cutoff and resonance.

Unique Envelope Functionality

Two ADSR envelopes feature independent rate multipliers, keyboard control of attack rate, and versatile routing. The CYCLE button engages in a cycling trapezoidal mode reminiscent of vintage instruments like the EMS Synthi, all controlled directly from the front panel.

Endless Modulation Programmability

KIJIMI's modulation capabilities distinguish it from other polysynths. Two LFOs, independently routable to up to eight destinations via front-panel controls, manage frequency and waveform modulation, sub-oscillator amount, filter cutoff and frequency, and amplitude modulation. Each LFO offers multiple waveform options and separate attack and decay controls. ADSR2 supports four independent destinations, while velocity and aftertouch have dedicated sections for precise control. Minimal menu diving is required, with most functionalities available through direct controls.

Full MIDI and Expressive Control

KIJIMI's architecture supports complete MIDI control, MIDI polyphonic expression (MPE), advanced tuning (including micro tuning via SCALA and 128 memory locations), and velocity polyphonic aftertouch. Each note triggers independent modulation per voice, fully controlled via aftertouch, offering unparalleled expressiveness.

Updated Package

The MK2 version includes all its predecessor's sonic power and character, with updated firmware allowing different LFO settings per destination, 128 factory and 1152 user presets, and user banks by renowned artists. This compact, 2.71kg/5.97 lb device offers wood panels and metal rack ears options, with DIN MIDI and isolated USB onboard.

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