Black Corporation Xerxes mk2

Faithful re-creation of the iconic Elka Synthex

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Updated version of the original Xerxes with balanced ¼” audio outputs high-quality audio over USB and a redesigned VCA., Widely considered the THE strings and pads machine, the Synthex is highly sought after. Xerxes captures the magic that made the original so incredibly special

At a glance

  • Eight-voice analog polysynth based on the Elka Synthex
  • 2 oscillators and white or pink noise per voice
  • Oscillator 2 hard sync with definable phase reset point
  • Cross-modulated PWM, PAM, and Ring Mod for each voice
  • Multimode analog filter
  • Global portamento
  • Global tuning with adjustable amount of tuning drift
  • Analogue BBD chorus
  • Polyphonic aftertouch and velocity control of filter and amplitude
  • Full support of MPE
  • 10 banks of 128 presets
  • Balanced audio outputs
  • Audio over USB

The Black Corporation Xerxes mk2 is an updated version of the original Xerxes with balanced ¼” audio outputs high-quality audio over USB and a redesigned VCA.

The Black Corporation Xerxes mk2 is a gorgeous 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer inspired by the 80’s Italian classic, the Elka Synthex. Originally released in 1981, the Elka Synthex found its way into the collections of some of the most important musicians and sound designers of the time, most notable of which was Jean Michelle Jarre.

The Synthex’s design was very forward-thinking for the time, it used super stable DCO’s to enable it to do things like cross-modulation of pulse width and remain incredibly stable under FM. The Synthex also employed a lush multi-mode filter which was an unusual design choice but allowed for the creation of an incredible array of tones.

Xerxes in true Black Corporation style beautifully recreates the experience of sitting in front of an Elka Synthex, washing you in 8 voices of polyphony with a super-rich multi-mode filter, and a tonne of modulation on hand, Xerxes delivers that divine Synthex tone with all the mod cons of their previous machines, like preset storage, MPE compatibility and rock-solid build quality.

For any serious Synthex enthusiast, the Xerxes delivers the soul and tone of this iconic classic without having to seek out a potentially questionable vintage model.

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