Black Lion Audio Auteur DT Desktop Preamp

Mic preamp

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Flexible preamp/DI box with 60dB of pure, clean gain, Hi-Z / direct inject input and transformer-coupled output stage.

At a glance

  • Vintage-vibe desktop preamp that’s ideal for capturing any source
  • Modern IC-based front end for fast, transparent sound
  • Vintage-inspired transformer-coupled output stage
  • USA-made output transformer for colourful, authoritative sound
  • Rear-panel XLR mic input, 1/4-inch TRS line output
  • Front-panel 1/4-inch hi-Z DI input;
  • Positive locking LED indicator buttons for phantom power, phase inversion, 10dB pad, and Hi-Z toggle
  • 60dB of gain handles all of your mics
  • Frequency response: 10Hz–30kHz
  • Classic, back-lit VU meter
  • Brushed black aluminium chassis, vintage-style wood end caps

The Black Lion Audio Auteur DT is a flexible preamp/DI box with the same adaptable preamp circuit as Black Lion's Auteur Mk 3 that delivers exceptional delicacy and detail while achieving the ideal mix between contemporary punch and vintage-style analogue flavour.

The Black Lion Audio Auteur DT single channel preamp provides 60dB of pure clean gain, making it suitable for any condenser microphone and also safe with ribbons for low-volume source recording. Users may utilise the Hi-Z / direct inject input on the Auteur DT's front panel for plug-and-play mono-jack recording to lend a professional shine to instruments such as synthesisers and guitars.

The Auteur DT blends an ultra-fast contemporary front end with the classic delicacy of a transformer-coupled output stage to provide a large and flexible sound that fits well in any mix.

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