Black Lion Audio PBR-8

500 Series Power Supply

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Unique 500 series power supply with built-in bantam patchbay and On Slot Technology.

The Black Lion Audio PBR-8 is a unique 500 series power supply with built-in patchbay.

The Black Lion Audio PBR-8 hosts eight slots and is equipped with a fully TT/Bantam patchbay opening up the possibilities offered by the 500 series format. The Patchbay also includes splitting functionalities sending the signal to different processors and reroute it.

The power supply uses On Slot Technology developed by Heritage Audio which boasts individual regulation per channel, insuring that noise and cross talk does not affect the other modules. It further provides a hefty 400mA per rail per slot, and an overall 1.6A per rail which is more power than any module requires.

Black Lion Audio PBR-8 Main Features:

  • Holds up to eight 500 Series modules
  • 400mA per slot
  • DB-25 connectors for easy input and output connection
  • TT/Bantam Patchbay
  • 2x Mult signal splitter
  • Input and output via XLR or DB25
  • Power rail LED indication
  • Rugged steel chassis

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