Black Lion Audio PBR TRS3 Switching Patch Bay

TRS Patchbay

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Sophisticated 48-point TRS Patchbay, meticulously designed to enhance studio workflow efficiency with its versatile three-way mode switches for each stereo input pair. Esteemed for its robust build, it features audiophile-grade, gold-plated TRS connectors, a durable black anodised faceplate, and a reinforced steel chassis, ensuring superior signal clarity and stability. Its advanced rear-mounted switching capabilities allow for seamless transitions between normal, half-normal, or thru-operational modes, catering to professional audio routing needs. The inclusion of front-panel labelling tabs underscores its commitment to user-friendly operation, making the PBR TRS3 a quintessential tool for audio professionals seeking precision and reliability in their studio setup.

At a glance

  • Offers extensive connectivity options for complex studio setups.
  • Each stereo input pair is equipped with a switch, enabling swift transitions between normal, half-normal, and thru-operational modes.
  • Gold-plated TRS connectors ensure exceptional signal clarity and conductivity.
  • Features a black anodised faceplate and a chassis reinforced with steel, providing durability and stability.
  • Rear-mounted switches offer enhanced routing flexibility for bypass, monitoring, and parallel processing applications.
  • Front-panel labelling tabs for clear and convenient channel identification.
  • Designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional audio environments, ensuring reliability and top-tier performance.

The Black Lion Audio PBR TRS3 is a sophisticated 48-point TRS Patchbay that is meticulously engineered, extending the revered design principles of the PBR/TRS lineage. It is specifically crafted to facilitate efficient and versatile reconfigurations of studio workflows, ensuring an optimal audio production environment.

The PBR TRS3 is equipped with dual-functionality three-way mode switches for each stereo input pair, permitting instantaneous and precise alterations in signal routing. This feature significantly enhances the operational flexibility of the studio setup, allowing audio professionals to adapt to various recording scenarios swiftly.

Regarding build and connectivity, the PBR TRS3 remains true to Black Lion Audio's commitment to quality. It boasts audiophile-grade, gold-plated TRS connectors, renowned for delivering superior signal clarity and conductivity. The unit's durability is underscored by its robust construction, featuring a black anodised faceplate and a chassis reinforced with steel, ensuring stability and resilience in demanding studio environments.

Its advanced switching capabilities further accentuate the PBR TRS3's innovative design. The rear-mounted three-way switches offer the user the choice of normal, half-normal, or thru-operational modes. This versatility is indispensable for professionals seeking streamlined solutions for bypass, monitoring, and parallel processing applications, all accessible with simple switch manipulation.

Operational efficiency is also a key design consideration. The PBR TRS3 includes clearly defined front-panel labelling tabs for each channel, promoting an organised and intuitive interface. This attention to detail guarantees that even the most intricate setups are manageable and user-friendly.

Black Lion Audio's PBR TRS3 redefines the standards of professional audio routing equipment, marrying innovative functionality with robust, dependable construction. It is an essential asset for audio professionals who demand precision, adaptability, and reliability in their studio configurations.

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