Black Lion Audio PBR XLR 32-Point Patchbay

XLR 32-point Patchbay

CAP2: 0 $607.20
$506.00 ex VAT
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At a glance

  • 32 audiophile-grade gold-plated XLR connectts
  • 4 audiophile-grade gold-plated DB25 connectors
  • Black-anodized aluminum faceplate, reinforced steel chassis, and internal steel mounting plate for secure DB25 connectios
  • Includes front panel labels
  • Exceptional value for the price

The Black Lion Audio PBR XLR 32 DSub is a 32-point XLR/DB25 patch bay, suitable for the most robust routing configurations imaginable within just two rack spaces. Designed to meet professional audio production's exacting standards, this unit is a testament to Black Lion's extensive experience in refining high-calibre audio equipment, delivering unparalleled audio fidelity and patching efficiency.

Engineered for precision and reliability, the PBR XLR 32 DSub facilitates secure, high-quality connections between preamps and a wide array of outboard gear. Its compact yet robust construction ensures that even the most complex routing setups can be accommodated without compromising studio space or signal integrity.

In fostering a streamlined and productive studio environment, the PBR XLR 32 DSub excels in connectivity and enhancing workflow efficiency. It enables audio professionals to swiftly reconfigure their setup, easily adapting to different recording or mixing scenarios. The unit's thoughtful design minimizes cable clutter, promoting an organized and focused workspace essential for the demands of professional audio projects.

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