Black Lion Audio Seventeen

1176 Style Compressor

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Single-channel compressor inspired by the legendary 1176 with Sidechain HPF and Mix/Dry Mix control

The Black Lion Audio Seventeen is a single-channel compressor inspired by the legendary 1176 and designed in collaboration with Tobias Lindell.

The Black Lion Audio Seventeen provides incredible detail and nuance not usually associated with compressor type. It features a custom made output transformer that gives it massive low end and open top end. Furthermore, a Black Lion power decoupling gives it incredibly low noise floor.

Additional features include a side-chain high pass filter with a choice of 4 frequency points (100Hz, 200Hz, 300Hz, 400Hz), and a dry/wet mix knob that lets you blend processed and unprocessed signal for parallel compression. A stereo link function also lets you link two units together for true stereo operation.

Black Lion Audio PBR-8 Main Features:

  • 1176-style compressor
  • Built in collaboration with Tobias Lindell
  • Offers stunning detail and nuance
  • Custom made transformer
  • Black Lion Style decoupler for extremely low noise floor
  • Sidechain HPF with four frequency points.
  • Wet/Dry Mix blend
  • Stereo Link for linking two units in stereo.

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