Brauner VM1 Pure Cardioid


The Brauner VM1 Pure Cardioid is a single-diaphragm hand-made cardioid pattern general purpose Class A 1 design valve-microphone from Germany.

Using only a single diaphragm, the Brauner VM1 Cardioid is what Dirk Brauner refers to as a Pure Cardioid design - this means that you will not only get a perfect cardioid response, but you will get it with even less noise than dual-diaphragm designs can achieve.

Based on the highly acclaimed and award-winning VM1 microphone, the Brauner VM1 Cardioid enables sound engineers who require the same precise, accurate and clean-sounding response, beautifully adapted for modern recording methods in all situations, but without the infinitely variable VM1 multi-pattern response. The Brauner VM1 Cardioid also allows newer users to take advantage of these fabulous microphones for a lower price, too.

Dirk Brauner was on a mission when he set out to design the VM1, and the Brauner VM1 Cardioid is a continuation of the same philosophy - to create the best-sounding, quietest, most responsive valve microphone to be found, built with no compromise and to the highest standards.

Beautifully constructed with a classic look and feel that have made German microphones the envy of Pro Audio companies for over half a century, the Brauner VM1 Cardioid shows just what can happen when one man has a dream and sets out to achieve it.

Brauner VM1 Cardioid Overview:

  • Equivalent Noise < 9 dB A (IEC651)
  • Signal to Noise > 85 dB (1 Pa/1 kHz-Cardioid)
  • Sensitivity 28 mV / Pa-Cardioid
  • Pattern Cardioid
  • Frequency Range 20 Hz - 22 kHz
  • Max. SPL 142 dB SPL @ 0,3 % THD
  • Power Supply 115 V or 230 V

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