Brauner VMX


Brauner Microphones has released the Brauner VMX high-end tube microphone. The design follows the earlier VMA, which was developed in collaboration with American sound engineers but was affordable only to a small circle of users.

The Brauner VMX shares the VMA's sound characteristic and is available in two versions. In the standard version, the VMX possesses freely adjustable directional characteristics and is supplied with the same extensive accessories as the VM1. In the lite version, it has the two-directional patterns omni and cardioid and a simpler microphone spider than the larger VMA and VM1 models. Like the VM1lite, the VMXlite version is expandable and can be upgraded to the regular VMX version.

Like all Brauner microphones, the VMX uses a special conductor, exclusively manufactured for Brauner by Swiss company Vovox.

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