Bricasti System 3 M7M x 3 + M10

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Three Bricasti M7Ms, with the M10 controller.

The Bricasti System 3 includes three Bricasti M7Ms, with the M10 controller.

The Bricasti M7M offers all the same reverb algorithms as the M7 Stereo Reverb without front controls and is designed to be used in conjunction with the optional M10 Remote Control.

The Bricasti M7M features 200 exceptional reverb presets using Bricasti&rsquo's renowned true Stereo Reverb Process, as well as 100 user, registers allowing for the capture and storage of user presets.

The M7M uses a high-resolution design featuring a large array of DSP processors to ensure the highest audio quality and performance. A digital processor, the M7M uses AES 24-bit digital I/O and operates at up to 192kHz. It also includes a dual D/A converter and a highly versatile analogue section with a dedicated transformer based linear power ensuring unrivalled audio performance.

MIDI I/O is also provided for additional connectivity, allowing additional controls. An analogue input level control offers 2dB steps for precise settings of levels. 

Just like the M7, the M7M is built to last with its milled anodised aluminium front panel and heavy-duty construction. A custom-designed toroidal linear power supply for analogue connections ensures the best signal transfer and audio quality. Redundant power supplies prevent unwanted stops during critical situations.

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