Bryston 4B³ Amplifier Black

Stereo Audio Amplifier

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Stereo Amplifier with a novel Quad-complementary topology to ensure low distortion and high transparency, featuring a unique array of twelve active devices for optimal compatibility with any preamp. It boasts an ultra-low distortion rate of 0.0001% and each channel has its own independent power supply. Committed to quality, Bryston offers a 20-year warranty, underscoring their no-compromise approach in manufacturing top-tier audio equipment.

At a glance

  • Innovative Quad-complementary topology for minimal distortion and high transparency.
  • Array of twelve active devices for optimal preamp compatibility.
  • Ultra-low distortion rate of 0.0001% for supreme transparency.
  • Harmonic response similar to Class A designs, but with lower distortion.
  • Independent power supply for each channel with a separate transformer.
  • 20-year warranty, underscoring commitment to quality and durability.
  • Built with a no-compromise approach for top-tier audio performance.

The Bryston 4B3 stereo amplifier, black, features an innovative Quad-complementary topology that achieves minimal distortion and high levels of accuracy and transparency. This cutting-edge design incorporates twelve active devices arranged in a novel layout that ensures compatibility with any preamp while delivering the initial 6dB of gain with utmost precision. The input stage of the 4B3 is meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled transparency, boasting impressively low distortion figures, down to 0.0001%.

The amplifier's quad-complementary topology effectively eliminates harsher higher harmonic distortion, resulting in a harmonic response reminiscent of Class A designs but with significantly reduced distortion. Each channel of the 4B3 is powered by its own fully independent power supply, complete with a separate transformer, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Consistent with Bryston's commitment to quality, the 4B3 is accompanied by a 20-year warranty. It's constructed with no compromise philosophy, reflecting Bryston's dedication to producing top-tier audio equipment.

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