Buchla 200e-MemCardRev3 200e Small Memory Card

Small Memory Card for backing up your 200e modules


a micro format memory card for e series modules, that allows a system preset manager to send and receive presets to each E series module. A key part of the Buchla recipe that makes the modular systems very powerful

The Buchla 200e-MemCardRev3 is a 200e series Small Memory Card that provides preset storage capabilities to certain 200E series modules.

One of the coolest and incredibly useful parts of a 200 series system is its ability to store presets, when combined with a preset storage manager you can store can recall the position of the knobs on a wide selection of modules with absolutely no effort at all. Making it a great way to build a patch, save it and then disappear off into another sound, knowing you can always get back to that point.

In order to have preset capabilities, you need to ensure you have a memory card attached to your compatible module, this is exactly what the MEMCARDREV3 is.

The main features of the Buchla 200e Memory Card Revision 3 include

Take full advantage of the preset storage capabilities of your 200e modular

Connects simply and safetly

Requires a preset storage manager module

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