Buchla 200e USB Utility Card

Provides MIDI I/O for your 200e system and much more


allows you to update the firmware of your E series modules over USB. Using MAC OSX you can easily send firmware updates to your modules to ensure they always have the very latest operating software possible.

The Buchla 200e USB Utility Card allows you to update the firmward of your 200 series modules, without having to send them back to Buchla(!).

From time to time BEMI update the firmware on select modules to improve performance, fix bugs and add new features, this handy little USB tool lets you upload firmware from a MAC onto the modules directly, ensuring you always get the best performance and features as soon as they become available.

The main features of the Buchla 200e USB Firmware Card include

Update the firmware of your 200E series modules

Requires Mac with OS10.5 or higher

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