Buchla 201e -10 Powered Cabinet with 10 panels

10-space folding case with 10 E series spaces

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£1,240.83 ex VAT
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a 10 panel powered boat with control and power distribution connectivity. A perfect boat for starter system or mid sized expansion to an already existing modular system, ideal for Buchla 200 series modules.

The Buchla 201e-10 is a 10-Slot Powered Cabinet for E series Buchla Modules, comprised of two boats this case is the the basis for the Skylab system.

Like other Buchla boats, the 201 e can be folded patched, making it a great case for transporting your system to and from shows. The case also ships with a super protective padded carry case, which has plenty of space for your cables and PSU.

This case also ships with a 201e-3 passive frame for housing a kinesthetic input module or similar if desired.

The main features of the Buchla 201e10 Case include

Powered 10 sloat case for E series modules

Folds patched for easy transportation

Comes with a padded gig bag and a 201-e3 passive frame 

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