Buchla 201e -18 Powered Cabinet with 18 panels

18-space folding case with 18 E series spaces

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an 18 space powered cabinet designed to house a mid sized Buchla format system. Given its form factor the 201e-18 can be used as a portable chassis or an installed system and a separate case is available.

The Buchla 201e-18 is a powered folding cabinet with space for 18 Buchla 4U modules, it's comprised of three boats, each with a decicated power distribution board.

Buchla cases are the industry standard of portable modular carriers, their high quality folding design, high output stable PSU's and advanced connectivity makes the best of your investment and provides the best possible power solution available.

The main features of the Buchla 201e-18 Case include

18 panel powered cabinet

Folding design for enhanced portability

High output, reliable power supply

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