Buchla 201e-4 Unpowered Boat with 4 panels

Passive 4 space E series boat

CAP2: 0 £749.00
£624.17 ex VAT
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a passive 4 panel frame designed to house a smaller system of ancillary modules or for enhancing a bigger system. Perfect for Buchla newbies or addicts who have run out space but simply can live without that extra 259e.

The Buchla 201e-4 Passive Boat is a 4 panel passive case which requires and external feed of power from an existing Buchla system.

A perfect boat for starter system or mid sized expansion to an already existing modular system, ideal for Buchla 200 series modules.

The main features of the Buchla 201e-4 Passive Boat Include

Passive 4 panel Buchla Boat

Room for 4 x 4U Buchla Modules

High output and capacity PDB

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