Buchla 206e Mixer and Preset Manager Module

Mixer and Preset Manager Module

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a 6 input two output mixer module in 200e format, with LED VU Meters, dedicated headphone output, advanced panning options and an onboard preset manager for dialing in your preset mixes quickly and easily.

The Buchla 206e combines two core functions into a single E series module, it's both a 6-input mixer with CV controllable panning and a preset manager so you can take full advantage of that remote functionality.

Mixers are a core function of any modular system and due to their sonic complexity, Buchla systems really benefit from a higher channel count mixer, the 206e is exactly that, a fully featured 6 input mixer that provides stereo panning per channel and CV controllable panning for two of its outputs, it also neatly integrates a headphone output for silence jamming and queuing on stage.

Inputs and outputs on the mixer are on TiniJax with CV control of the panning on Banana cables.

The second part of the 206e is the preset manager, which make use of the E series preset functionality. If your E series supports preset / remote control, then the 206e can store and recall your presets directly from the module.

The 206e really is an essential part of any 200 series modular system.

The main features of the Buchla 206e include

6 input four output mixer

CV controllabale panning

Serves as a preset manager for remote enabled modules

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