Buchla 208B Module (B-Stock)

West Coast Additive Synthesizer

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This B-Stock unit comes without packaging and doesn't include cables or shorting bars.

A full warranty of one year will be issued with this purchase.


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At a glance

  • Semi-modular analogue synthesizer voice
  • Incredible array of tones, effects and sound design possibilities
  • Retains all of Dons signature sound design philosophies
<p>The <strong>Buchla 208 rev6 Module</strong> is the core part of the Music Easel, a highly capable additive semi-modular synthesizer that has found favour with thousands of musicians the world over.</p>
<p>It consists of a 5-step sequencer, three-stage function generator, a pulser / clock generator, two oscillators and two low pass gate, forming the backbone of synthesizers architecture, that all come together to deliver all the performance-friendly toolkit and incredible tone that have made the 208 so popular for the last forty-plus years.</p>
<p>This module predates the new 208C. It is deeper and will not fit some 200e boats.</p>

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