Buchla 208C Module

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The Buchla 208c Module is a brand new revision of Don Buchla's iconic 208 stored-program source, the core part of the Music Easel and a highly capable additive semi-modular synthesizer that has found favour with thousands of musicians the world over.

208C retains all of the fundamental core features that set the original 208 apart from everything else in its class and adds a tonne of new features to elevate its capabilities much further than ever before.

Additions and changes over the previous 208 versions include:


  • Separate modulation oscillator CV input with voltage input trimmer
  • One-shot trigger/start button for the pulse
  • FM input for the modulation oscillator
  • Dedicated audio outs for each oscillator
  • CV inputs for the envelope generator stages with voltage input trimmers
  • Dedicated CV output for the modulation oscillator
  • CV input for the complex oscillator waveform sweep
  • White noise generator derived from the 266e
  • True stereo audio output
  • Dedicated audio inputs for the low pass gates so external sources can be connected
  • Front panel aesthetic updated to resemble vintage 208's
  • More clocking options for the pulse
  • Far shallower construction so 208c comfortably fits in a 200e series system.
  • Improved MIDI capabilities (when used with command centre cases)
  • Two "to card" inputs

As all 208's that have proceeded it, a 5-step sequencer, three-stage function generator, a pulser / clock generator, two oscillators and two low pass gate, form the backbone of synthesizers architecture, that all come together to deliver all the performance-friendly toolkit and incredible tone that have made the 208 so popular for the last forty-plus years.

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